Información personal y profesional de la artista Clàudia Carreras
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Clàudia Carreras

Who am I?


When I was a child, I loved to draw and paint. I guess being the daughter of a pre-scholar professor made me very careful in the stroke, the precise choice of colours, attentive to the forms of their figures…


Later on, I began art studies in art school El Balcó in Cerdanyola, where I developed most of my career. Most recently, I’ve improved my knowledge of art with various renowned artists such as Samuel Salcedo and Oriol Teixidor in the School of Ceramics in La Bisbal (Girona) and art courses in Escola Massana Centre d’Art i Disseny (Barcelona).


Currently I combine a passion for painting with my job as architect after completing the Final Degree Project in Architecture in the La Salle University Barcelona (finalist of the Mies Van der Rohe Foundation‘s Prize: Young Talent Architecture Award), having realised part of  my studies, the International Master in Architecture and Sustainability, in the University of Ghent, Campus Sint-Lucas (Belgium).

How do I understand painting?


Regardless of races, sexes and ages, it is true that almost all feelings can be perceived in the face. This is why I am interested in presenting an analytical work on the various emotions and feelings that are transmitted through the expressions of different characters. My workshop is like a small laboratory of colors, textures and techniques that combine to create different works, as you can see here.





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