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About This Project




The project is a secondary and high school located in front of a big and crowded road. The façade is totally opaque to filter all the noise and circulation and create a new atmosphere to learn and study properly. There is a need to understand the program, based on the different possibilities of grouping parts. The structure serves as a unifying element to search for a general perception unified, clear and simple.


This high school has been planned following a modular and flexible system that allows modifications and redistribution of interior spaces. The huge variety od dimensions and characters of spaces arranged through a complex surface circulation. Moreover, it is considered the possibility of future extensions that would not disturb the main functions of the building.


The spaces for recreation are very important elements in this project as opposed to the feeling of imprisonment that could be experienced at school or college. Nature generates a conception of freedom and the extension of the classroom to the outside.


The main purpose of the school is to respond to the fundamental aspirations of the people: the desire to learn, to know our context and ourselves.



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