Franc Glòria
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About This Project

Laura Bueno, Glòria Sanya & Franc Bueno, Cerdanyola del Vallès (2014)


Artwork: Aina

I understand the genesis of art as the convergence of the chaos that comes from the intangible in a perceptible element to our senses. The union between the disorganization generated by the complexity of two human facts both, the artist and the viewer.

The artist has the magical ability to realize him/her self: the experiences, the mood, the way of life… And everything that has influenced to reach what we perceive now in the work joins the viewer, as it is a part of him/her self. Moreover, the creation is not just a physical element; it is an abstract connection that the viewer has with this work. Likewise, we can understand the art not only as an corporeal element, but also as an abstract flow that goes from one mind to another mind, to another mind … As if we and Claudia, and all the people who are part of our influence, were inside her art, but existing in a different dimension, impalpable, invisible.

This time magic is even greater, because we know that Claudia’s and our memory is partly shared. We already have been part of her past when she was materializing her essence in her work and she was part of us when we connect with her painting. Claudia has the ability to collect all the residues, all these ephemeral parts (fears, likes, love…) and join them in the eternal space. Personally, I feel a great admiration for this skill. She turned chaos into a gaze, a face, an expression that now, every day, is witness of what happens to us.

Claudia’s paintings have a crucial fourth dimension, which is also ethereal: the people’s life, the face of which lies within the canvas. Aina could be the name of the painting, a word that connects two distant places. Her eyes from the first moment seduce me. I was transported to India where I imagine her barefoot with a dirty face, running, full of life … But also sad, fragile, afraid… I identify myself with her as if I could see me reflected in her life. Aina means, “mirror” in Hindi and expresses my perception of art.

Thanks Claudia.



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