Cambrils market
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About This Project




Cambrils urban fabric is generally orthogonal, which emphasizes the importance of Carrer Miquel Planas as a central service street. The project location is at the end of this important street and close to the beach. This site, allows me to transform the current urban void into a new meeting point and increase the commercial activity at that area of the city as it was in the past.


The volume of the market is a central rectangular shape, where the core business is developed. The meat, fish, flowers, fruit and vegetables stalls are positioned on this side. The installations and more private market services are located on the main rectangular volume, where the restaurant is opened to the new square that is generated.


The central part comprises two distinct parts: one part with fixed stalls and the temporal ones with other more versatile purposes, so it can be used for both occasional or seasonal stalls and for other uses of local interest in important dates.


Due to the complexity of colors, flavors, sounds and movements characteristics of a market there is designed a structure that does not interfere with the principal program. From the point of view of the neighbours the roof is very visible so has an external relation with them. The roof also creates an internal atmosphere depending on the time, thanks to the entry of natural light. The shape of the roof and its composition is aligned to internal routes with brings light to define the different areas of the market.



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